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Britney Sanders

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 Britney Sanders

Online: zuletzt 19.05.2019
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Musikstil: Pop / Elektronic / Rock / Soul/Funk / Reggae / Word
Label: indie
Mitglieder: Britney Sanders
Profilaufrufe: 1546
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A bubbly, African American Indain Girl French Black singing pop sensation who built a fan base with a girl-next-door sweetness, catchy tunes, unstoppable dance moves and a magnetic sexual appeal, Britney Sanders went from a small-town girl in Alambama to the veritable heir to Crystal’s Lewis And Michael Jackson media saturation crown beginning with the release of her first single in 2008 and holding fast well into the next millennium– and much like Teen Gospel Singers Drew the attention quickly shifted away from her artistry and focused squarely on her personal dramas. A trained dancer and capable singer who wanted a shot at singing, dancing and acting and had the determination and stamina to get to the top, Britney Sanders started her career in the entertainment industry early,young Woman because of her age when she first auditioned in 2009 Mindful of her potential, Britney Sanders was hooked up with an agent and temporarily moved with her mother and baby sister to NYC the following year. Here she starred in the Off-Broadway production “Ruthless”, a stage
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