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If life is a dream then why cant dreams become real life?

"My mother comes from the south of Italy and my dad is Ugandan" says Lou Bega, 30. Lou's father came to Munich in 1972 to study biology at the famous Ludwig Maximilian University. Three years later his son was born.
"Music always drove me, moved me, was the engine of my life" says Lou. "I was very much into rap, but I was also into other styles of music like Reggae, R & B or South American rhythms". Eventually the music became an obsession which was stronger than anything else. "At 13 I had my first band and we did HipHop". Two rappers one singer, Lou was one of the rappers. In 1990 the first CD came out, but this success wasnt enough for Lou. Not yet 18 he used the money he had earned from his CD to travel to Miami. He worked in studios there in order to hear Latin American songs in the original. He came across the songs of the Mambo Kings; he studied the flair of the thirties and forties which at the time was big in some of the clubs. Naturally rhythmic to begin with, here he learned to move authentically.
. Lou started writing and went into the studio. Everything else happened lightening quick. the rest is musical history. "I found out that from that moment on, suddenly nothing was as it was before" says Lou looking back. The international hit album "A little bit of Mambo" followed the single. After that the next single "I got a girl" came out. A star was born.
"Mambo No. 5" and the album "A little bit of Mambo" became worldwide hits, and Lou Bega became a star. More than 12 million CDs were sold. Lou went to the top of the charts in more than 20 countries. He got 70 Gold and Platinum awards in more than 40 countries. Lou was nominated for the Grammy award-the most important award in the worldwide music industry-he won the Echo, the top award in the German music industry, twice, as well as the international NRJ award in Cannes and was given two worldmusic-awards for best selling new arist. In the last few years Lou has been non-stop on tour: Asia, Africa, South America, with Cher in the USA, India. On top of that he worked on several successful songs for Disney/L.A, wrote the title song for the popular French TV series "Marsupilami" and came up with songs for a succession of well known colleagues. No other German pop musician with German roots has been as successful as Lou in the past 10 years.
Lou has just opened another chapter in his career. His new album "Lounatic" will be in the shops in August 2006. At the same time he will tour with his cuban-italien band. It will fit in smoothly with his worldwide mega success. "I have never forgotten what it was like to get up at 5 a.m to earn a bit of cash as a packet courier. I have never forgotten what I owe to music. And I have never forgotten what I owe to my fans".
How long is it since back then? A few weeks? A couple of years? A whole lifetime which back then was only a dream?

Lou Bega is back.


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   Lou Bega

Online: zuletzt 21.08.2007
Musikrichtung: Pop / Others
Label: Unicade Music
Mitglieder: Lou Bega
Profilaufrufe: 1780
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