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Cultureman LTD spread his I n I Production whiteOak the own Label some special RAW-Mixed CD of the LIVE-Shows.

Online: zuletzt 04.09.2015
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Musikstil: Reggae / Ragga / Dancehall / Roots / Ska / Contemporary Reggae
Bands: Cultureman-LTD is OneMan-Show, sometimes im product with Leo, Freden-K, Michi n cool_runnings. Few days a go im also work as Kali Threes: Smiling-T and Michael Odd. Once im a member with Ganja-Bonanza and so much more members.
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Well bless & Jah Love to each and everyone. Now there is time to write some words about I & I.

Me start to listen Reggae Music in 1976 with Peter Tosh: Legalize it - yes thats true. :-) At this time i start to see the world with a conscious Vibe, so the words of the musicans and also the heartbeat of the music, thats catch me. After a while it beacme important for me, not only to listen the music, to live - thats my way. Since this time, I man try to move in the foodsteps of Jah Rasta Far I (Jahwe).

In the mid of the year 1980 man start to work as a DJ called Cultureman in small clubs in Weedbaden called "No Order" and small Festivals. I, Cultureman, opened a shop in 1996, which called ONE LOVE & UNITY, try to build a bridge between Jamaica & Germany. I & I went to Jamaica and buy Irie Stuff and try to sell it in my store. Allways work a lot with the German-Jamaicans and the Jamaican Artists together, promote them and her Music.

In 2000 we build a Community called "Ganja-Bonanza" and work in a RadioStation to spread 6 hours of Reggae-Music. We still spread the music on Air - every second Friday on RADIO RHEINWELLE e.V. - frequency 97,5 (Kabel 99,85 & 102,7).

After a while start as Ganja-Bonanza Soundsystem and prepare Show like Kingsize Kingston and work with Artists like Rebellion, Neno-Nike, Ganjaman, Jah Meek, Jah Sesco, Marlon-B, Jah Coustix, Dr. Ring-Ding, Mellow Mark, Nosliw and much more other Artists - big RESPECT to each ONE of them - ONE LOVE.

In 2004 i try to build another Soundsystem called Kali Threes, its a Roots Combination with the bredren called General Odd and Smiling T. We spread Jah Music in Weedbaden Schlachthof.
I chance to place with the shop and we still sell mince Rasta-Stuff, Music and a lot more - see u in "RootsCorner" in Weedbaden, Rhine-Maine-Area, Hollerbornstrasse 3.
RootsReggae, Nyahbinghi-Style, Real Dancehall<br>