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The Mindbells
The Mindbells

Online: zuletzt 11.05.2018
Musikrichtung: Electro Pop / Soundtrack / Easy Listening / J-Pop (Japan Pop) / Others / Techno
Label: Not signed
Mitglieder: Stefan(o)
Profilaufrufe: 2611
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In 2018 a new Chapter starts with a new Mix of the Evocation Bells!!!

After a long time I just start in June 2006 to form my first complete song, from ideas I leave long time in my cupboard. I try to bring different ideas of music together. But what means Mind Bells? It means my music want to set your heart and soul free. Let them fly up in the sky of enlightment. Like a Bell of a buddhist temple, a christian church, or any other gods...the different ways, leading to the same destination. Many music wants to entertain you. Entertainment is an important part in life. But why we should not entertain and wake up together? I listen every style of music, but my roots are in scandinavian heavy metal. Knowing all of this, maybe you don`t wonder more about my music.... I dont like to think in different styles - there is just in every kind of music good music - its all music to me, and if i reach somebody with my music, thats great!!!Please have a look also to my gallery collection. Short Infos about my song= Kyrie = I growing up with a catholic believing and still keep it deep in my mind, also i opened my mind for the many ways, paths to peace and enlightment - in hope all religion find in understanding together - this is my new sound worship to my roots. Evocation Bells = Just open your mind for the spirit of enlightment. Be quiet and invite the true to be a guest in your mind. The world and all material things are not worth like they seems to be... Hyms to Babylon = Every part of the world have a great culture backround. But in memorial that one mainpart of human civilisation starts at this place - let us celebrate with this song. In memorial also of the today difficult situation there and in hope and prayer for peace for everyone. Standing Stone = Holy standing stones are known as keeper of cosmic energy - listen with your heart and you will hear the message of the stones, the oldest living being on earth??

NEW !!! = Videos of the Mindbells at =
Mike Oldfield, Richard Wagner, Kitaro, Bathory...
Dance New Age, maybe just like Japanese electronic music....

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