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New Instrumental Lp Out Now,

The Pattern - That Soundscape vol. 2

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Beat producer and rapper -The Pattern- is from Wernigerode, in the east of Germany. At the age of 8, he learned to play the piano and then went on to produce his first tracks in 1995 with a band he formed called Microfon Pakt, which consisted of 2 MCs and a DJ. They toured and performed throughout eastern Germany until the band was dissolved in 2007. Jayda decided to continue his music as a solo act, and currently resides in Jena. His artist name as a music producer is "The Pattern", due to the arrangement and composing of instrumentals in patterns with audio programs, step by step. The name was also influenced by the mysterious group "The Pattern" from the TV show called "Fringe".

The Pattern creates different styles of music, for the most part old hardcore Hip Hop, Boom Bap or Synthy styles, but also RnB, House/Elektro and Ragga/Raeggeton as he tries to stay creative and open minded. He is inspired by many artists, not only Hip Hop artists, but also Funk/ Soul and Electronic Music from the 70`s. He also loves Chansons as it inspires and gives him samples for his own work.


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Musikrichtung: Hip Hop international / Hip Hop national / Elektronic / Jazz
Bands: The Pattern
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