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DooLoad Artist Tool

standard and professional mastering
promote your release in germany
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Besides the Netlabel™ DooLoad offers you with the ArtistTools™ active support for direct marketing. Finally you can take your career into your own hands. The ArtistTools™ gives you access to tools that were so far only available for professional musicians.
Mastering Tool™
DooLoad high-end mastering gives your tracks optimal sound quality that can be reproduced on a wide variety of music players and formats such as mp3 or Real Audio Ringtone. The main goal is to control the dynamics and volume as well to make adjustments for any small dissonance in the mix.
Promotion Tool™
You are seeking a strategic orientation and realization of your promotion in Germany? The DooLoad PromotionTool gives you the possibility to work together with all of the relevant, target group-oriented online platforms such as magazines, communities, blogs etc. On request, the online package can be extended to include also TV, radio and the print media.
Shop Tool™
In combination with the DooLoad Netlabel™ this shop-widget is unbeatable for digital music sales. Sell your tracks with the DooLoad Player on your homepage, your DooLoad profile and all locations where you can insert HTML codes.
Banner Tool™
DooLoad's Banner Tool™ allows you to rotate your own promotion banners on the DooLoad platform.
Promote your band or label on DooLoad for free in three easy steps!

What exactly is DooLoad?

As a provider of music services for musicians and labels, DooLoad offers the combination of digital distribution, publishing service, artist tools, download store and community. With it, DooLoad consequently distance itself from pure self-expression and concentrates on offering professional tools for self-marketing. DooLoad enables musicians to create their career in the music business by themselves from the beginning to the end. 2006 founded by enthusiastic berlin people as a music community, DooLoad acts as a worldwide digital music distributor and independent music supporter. Sell your music the easy way.
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