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Mastering Tool

best sound quality for your music
perfect dynamics
get ready for your release
redbook format

The DooLoad Mastering Tool lends your tracks optimal sound quality and offers replay compatibility on a wide variety of music players and formats like MP3 or Real Audio Ringtone.
This tool also allows you to control the dynamics and volume as well as make adjustments for any small dissonance in the mix. A professional sound recording should sound as good when replayed on a small hi-fi unit as it does when broadcast on radio, for example, or listened to from headphones.
Good mastering is of the utmost importance to present an optimal product in the shops - especially with the data-reduced release of your music in the web as an MP3 or a ringtone.

We offer two types of mastering - both offer optimal quality with different priorities:
The standard rate offers pure digital mastering, your tracks do not leave the digital level. With high quality plugins we achieve optimal sound and dynamics for your music.

This is the right choice for straightforward source material.
With high end mastering, the material receives high-speed A/D conversion and checking and is also mastered with high end analog equipment. This old school mastering is done in real time which is quiet involved but solves potentially more serious problems in the mix like a single predominant frequency, instruments or voices that are too loud or quite, or even a cold or sterile atmosphere.
Audio CD Master
On request, we can also provide an audio master CD in case you want to get your tracks reproduced in a CD press shop. This master CD will carry data in Redbook format, will be tested for audio errors and is accepted by all established CD presshops for making the glasmaster required to press CDs.
Even if you "just" want your music in the best possible quality or only want to make copies of your own, audio CD mastering is always the right choice.

Audio CD Master

    CD in Redbook format
    Test and delivery included
   Digital pre-mastering
   Phase, tone and
   Dynamics correction
   Audio master CD

   Test and delivery included
   Mastering digital/analog
   High end A/D conversion
   Phase, tone and
   Dynamics correction
   Audio master CD

   Test and delivery included
39 € per CD   starting at 45 € / Track*   starting at 85 € / Track*

Audio CD master in Redbook format, tested: 39 € excluding shipping
Standard: 49 € per track, 45 € per track starting at 10 tracks
Professional: 89 € per track, 85 € per track starting at 10 tracks

You can either login as musician/band and upload your music directly at the ArtistTool Netlabel or send us your CD by mail.
You can download the order form here.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at mastering[at]

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What exactly is DooLoad?

As a provider of music services for musicians and labels, DooLoad offers the combination of digital distribution, publishing service, artist tools, download store and community. With it, DooLoad consequently distance itself from pure self-expression and concentrates on offering professional tools for self-marketing. DooLoad enables musicians to create their career in the music business by themselves from the beginning to the end. 2006 founded by enthusiastic berlin people as a music community, DooLoad acts as a worldwide digital music distributor and independent music supporter. Sell your music the easy way.
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