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Netlabel for Artists
Digital Music Distribution for Artists in up to 360 Shops worldwide
Professional Track Standard Professional Album
1 Track 5 Albums      Year 1 Album
100% of the Royalties 85% of the Royalties 100% of the Royalties
  Easy Upload   Easy Upload   Easy Upload
  In 360 Shops worldwide   In 360 Shops worldwide   In 360 Shops worldwide
  Incl. ISRC + UPC   Incl. ISRC + UPC   Incl. ISRC + UPC
  Free Shop Tool   Free Shop Tool   Free Shop Tool
  Shoplinks with Logo   Shoplinks with Logo   Shoplinks with Logo
  Detailed Statistics   Detailed Statistics   Detailed Statistics
  Short contract period   Short Contract period   Short contract period
Examplary contract Pro Examplary contract Standard Examplary contract Pro
The DooLoad-Netlabel delivers audiofiles to up to 360 online musicshops like iTunes, Emusic, Napster, Musicload, Amazon and many more. Thus DooLoad provides an omnipresence in all relevant digital stores worldwide to any artists.

The extremely short contract period of 12 months allows freedom and flexibility. The artist keeps all rights concerning physical CD-sales, merchandise and live-gigs.

DooLoad provides fair conditions, transparent billings , detailed sales statistics and also publishing work upon request. ISRC and UPC codes are also included for free.

Artists without a regular label deal, but also established musicians can offer their music in up to 360 digital stores worlwide. For any releases DooLoad provides the shoplinks of the most booming retailers for free. Shoplinks containing the store-logo and the direct sales link, both can be integrated easily webwide via HTML-code(copy&paste).

List of download shops

Quick overview

      digital music distribution worldwide  
      fair conditions  
      transparent billings  
      detailed sales statistics  
      Shop Tool for free  
      publishing work upon request  
More Informations:
Read the Netlabel FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What exactly is DooLoad?

As a provider of music services for musicians and labels, DooLoad offers the combination of digital distribution, publishing service, artist tools, download store and community. With it, DooLoad consequently distance itself from pure self-expression and concentrates on offering professional tools for self-marketing. DooLoad enables musicians to create their career in the music business by themselves from the beginning to the end. 2006 founded by enthusiastic berlin people as a music community, DooLoad acts as a worldwide digital music distributor and independent music supporter. Sell your music the easy way.
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