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Online: zuletzt 25.08.2014
Musikrichtung: Britpop / Alternative / Elektronic / Electro Pop
Label: None
Mitglieder: Soloartist Berny A. Racz
Profilaufrufe: 2111
Profilbewertung noch keine
Dooload Profil:
1965 - Touching a clavinet inside an orchestra hall in age of for the first time

1974 - Two years classical piano training 1975 - 1976 In age of .... joining the beginner group "Octopus" Concerts at "Senior Evenings" & other events (Live Concerts)

1977 - 1979 Founding the rockgroup "Bourbon" (Live Concerts)

1980 - 1982 - Founding the punk rock group "Z CAR M" (Several Live Concerts)

1983 Joining the english singing rockgroup "Stush" - (Live Concerts)

1983 - 1985 Joining the german singing rockgroup "Uhrwerk" - (Live Concerts)

1985 - 1991 - Homerecordings / 2 Times recordings in high-professional 24-channel studios at Ambros Seelos Munich / Art Studio Wupperthal, no continuation but new songmaterial

1992 - 1999 Home- and Computer-Recordings

02/1999 Founding the poprock-group "Misty Rain" in San Carlos City together with Robert C. Drilon - First CD Demo-Album produced

02/2000 Continuation composing new songs in Berlin

10/2003 Live gig in "Estuary" Pub in Swords, Ireland - Won 2nd price -

02/2004 Z CAR M alive again - Guestsinger - Claudia Sahin -

12/2004 Song "Charisma Of Love" came onto the music market on an compilation CD through Matchbox Recordings

01/2005 New Z CAR M Projects with Geir Morten Bremset (Drums & Guitars) from Norway

03 Dec 2004 - Worldwide release of the compilation CD "Playtime- Z CAR M Track "Charisma Of Love" via CD Baby, Tower Records & Matchbox Recordings together with the worldwide best artists

22 Apr 2005 -Z CAR M - Website promotion via "The Real Atom Records"

24 Apr 2005 - Request Internet Caf? "JAWZ" in Wiesbaden/Germany - They downloaded all Z CAR M tracks and play them within their Internet Cafe

05. Aug 2005 - Z CAR M Promotion via " Dizzy O?Brian" California, U.S.A.

15. Mar 2006 - Z CAR M Tracks at Internet Web Radio Cafe80s and Web Radio Fun Radio

01. Sep 2006 - Z CAR M - Video Clip to the track "Another Day" - Produced at Malahide Beach, Swords. Co. Dublin, Ireland

Sept. 2006 - Broadcaster at Hafenradio - Left this radio as a DJ and partner mid around August 2009

18. Jan. 2007 - Z CAR M at iTunes

19. Jan. 2008 - Found some great guys to make music again - John (guitar), Colm (Bassist) and Gizmo (Geir Morten Bremset, Drums) joined the group at 26.01.08 but left the band again after around 6 month as of personal reasons. Geir started to work overseas on a ship for 5 weeks and then 5 weeks back home. So rehearsals would have been quite difficult for all of us.

07. Nov. 2008 - Just signed up a digital record contract via TuneCore. Here I am offering an album called "Fortune" for selling with five Z CAR M songs. My songs will be published on different platforms. You will be able to buy the album or to stream single songs.

Sept.2009 - Developed my own Internet Radio together with Dea and Ingo - Radio Pearl Of Music

Check my Z CAR M Videoclips on YouTube if you wish !

Thank you
Stranglers, Combichrist, Heaven17 etc
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Allgemeine Z CAR M Info: ZCAR M was established 1980 in Kaiserslautern/Germany - together with Karl-Heinz Huth, Frank Rácz & his brother Berny A. Rácz. They had lots of concerts beginning the 80th. But in 1982 they split because of different life styles. Afterwards Berny joined several different groups but all split up as well. Berny moved to Munich in 1986 and stayed there until 1991. In 1991 then Kalle & Berny came together again and composed/recorded a few real good songs.

In 1992 Berny moved to Berlin and stayed there for around 10 years. He met Robert C. Drilon, a brilliant singer. Together with him he composed 6 great songs with Robert´s powerful voice. The name "Misty Rain" was born. Unfortunately, Berny hasn´t got the chance to stay together with Robert for music, so he continued composing one after one new own songs in Berlin. During the time of web-site developings Berny found out, that the name Misty Rain was in connection to plenty of porn sites within searching engines.

Because of that, and Robert wasn´t around anyway, he got the idea to use the old name "Z CAR M". This name was unique and has nothing to do with "cars" at all. It´s just ament the family name written backwards. R A C Z - (M stands for Music or Melody). Since a few years Berny sent plenty of CDs with his own and Robert?s songs to different record companies and remixer. Without any success. Berny put a lot of his originals into different Soundpools to get a minimum chance that the songs get heard from somebody. Many positive feedbacks appeared to a few tracks.

At MoM Z CAR M found very good and helpful artists friends and the quality of the sound of Z CAR M was getting better and better. Thanks so much to all of you! Well, Berny moved to Ireland in February 2003 and was working for a well known Car Rental company first. Here in Ireland he joined a "Talent Show" in an pub and won a second price for performing two songs of his own. It seems, he won?t stop trying, composing, arranging and mixing music until he will find a record company who want to work with him.

Z CAR M´s style is: Pop, Rock, Brit. Pop 80th, Instrumentals, Experimentals songs. But ballads, love songs, easy listening songs as well. The music of Berny also fits to film music.

Check my Z CAR M Videoclips on YouTube if you wish !

Thank you