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Death Device
Death Device

Online: zuletzt 18.08.2013
Musikrichtung: Melodic Death Metal
Label: keines
Mitglieder: Marc (Vox)
Daniel P. (Drums)
Alex (Bs)
Daniel K. (Git)
Profilaufrufe: 1984
Profilbewertung noch keine
Dooload Profil:

This world sucks in so many ways that no one in it is able or will be able to fully identify and understand its huge amount of man-made shit. Mankind itself is a synonym for corruption, selfishness, ignorance and blinding. Yet on the other hand there is greatness in nature and truth in the simple things in life, values which can never be spoiled by the perpetrations of man. Values, which we regard to be the only truth in an ocean of lies. This introduction implies that we see ourselves, see DEATH DEVICE as the spearhead of righteousness and unconventionalism in Metal. Neither nor is the case! We are as well corrupted to a certain decree, have to obey the rules of the game, but we try to withstand the weights wherever possible. What we want to express has been said before, we are just another angry voice in a world of failure, which has changed nothing for the greater good and there is no illusion that we could ever possibly change anything. Why then making Metal? The answer is simple: It is what we feel. Metal granted us moments of greatest emotion and touched what is deep inside of us. Now the time has come to be an active part in a secluded world with less failure in which Metal is the centre of the universe. To express ourselves by making music is our attempt to overcome the world’s conventional, perpetual sickness and to renounce a repulsive society.

DEATH DEVICE ist eine Band aus Münster, die von vier Freunden im Herbst 2007 gegründet wurde. Nach ein paar Proben war klar, dass die Band zusammenspielen muß. Das Songspektrum reicht von düsteren Midtempo-Tracks bis zu schnellen Nackenbrechern, die stampfende Rhythmen mit eingängigen Melodien kombinieren. Eine Mischung aus gutem altem Death Metal, Hardcore-Elementen und Mitgrölmelodien bieten deshalb sowohl für die Nackenmuskulatur als auch für die biergeölten Stimmbänder ein breites Betätigunsfeld.

DEATH DEVICE was formed in Muenster/ Germany by four friends in the early autumn of 2007. After a few rehearsals it was clear that the band had to work together. The scale of songs reaches from gloomy midtempo tracks to fast neckbrakers, combining pounding rhythms and melody. A mixture of the good ol..Death Metal, Hardcore elements and bawl melodies are reason enough to train the neck muscles and use beer greased throats.
Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore, Blues
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