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   Black Moses


Online: zuletzt 28.11.2023
Musikrichtung: Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Rhythm & Blues (R&B) / Soul/Funk / Stoner Rock (Desert Rock)
Bands: Vox/Guitar - Jim Jones; Bass - Zac Kusmanov +Greame Flynn ; Drums - David Axford
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With a boss name like Black Moses and an album called “Royal Stink”, there’s no way you can fail. This fact is proved without a shadow of a doubt over the nine tracks that make up the “Stink”. The record bursts into action with the balls-out rock assault of “Can’t Breathe (Turkey Neck)”, which drags you in with dirty bass, wailing guitars and pummelling drums. You will then find it possible to escape the clutches of this record until the final note of last track “Baj (Oh Yeah)”. Every track is an absolute belter, making it very hard to single out individual tracks for praise, but there are some definite standout moments, such as the aforementioned “Can’t Breathe”. Another highlight, “Better Believe”, starts off with a bit of harmonica reminiscent of the theme tune to quality old school music show The Old Grey Whistle Test (Ask your Dad. He’ll know exactly what I’m talking about) before spraying screaming harp all over the band’s racket with style. “Royal Stink” does exactly what it says on the tin. If you like emo, acoustic guitars or whining twats singing about how they can’t get laid, this record will make you cry.
There is no higher recommendation !!
Submitted by Charles Butler

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ROCK N ROLL ! ... Well, from where I'm standing ... 13.12.2006 mehr

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   Über uns
Black Moses is a trio composed of guitarist/vocalist Jim Jones , of the late Thee Hypnotics , bassist Graeme Flyn , founder member of the blues punk band Penthouse and drummer David Axford, whose credits include collaborations with Original Sinners and The Morgans . Sounding distinctly like The Who, MC 5 or even Little Richard bitten by the current garage rock'n'roll bug, this British powerhouse trio is one of those bands who will definitely appeal to anyone into the above groups/genre.

The most notable things upon first listens are the fact the guitars are in full force, the rhythm section is of course quite busy, and Jim Jones' solo playing is electrifying. Needless to say, this is prime true rock'n'roll that blazes a wonderful and powerful sound with a single drop of pretention. Songs like “Better believe”, the bouncy “She got da moves”, “Thru you” where his guitar sears and soars, teases and thrills and the soulful groove “Lose control” are instantly memorable and uplifting all at once… Above all, Jim Jones wails and screams the vocals in such a crude/raw manner that they become downright infectious. The band is able to both sound well produced and dirty, which means they can avoid that death knell of being overproduced or slick.
Black Moses has all the elements to become not just a good, but also a great band.
(taken from /Cosmicmasseur)


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Iggy & The Stooges, MC5, Bon Scott era AC/DC, The Black Keys, Sludgefeast, The Good Time Charlies, The Flaming Sideburns, Little Richard and many more...


   Gästebuch (17)

Mosquito Jack
20:44 18.09. geile Mucke...weitermachen

16:53 15.07. Hallo,

möchte liebe grüße da laßen.
Klasse Seite gefält mir.
Könnt ja auch mal auf meine Seite schauen ich unterstütze ab 01.09.2007 kostenlos Bands und Djs
damit sie mehr Gigs bekommen.

Liebe Grüße Thomas

13:06 15.07. Unsere neue Scheibe Fragments ist jetzt draußen! 9 Songs in 45 Minuten, die euch alles abverlangen. Reinhören unter

22:16 03.06. You're my "jewel-of-the-day"
Glad to find you!

No Fuse
18:25 13.05. Moinsen,
es kann für uns gevotet werden! Zum einen für die Coca Cola Soundwave Tour. Votet für unseren Song "Suprise" auf unserer Website.

Zum anderen könnt Ihr uns aufs Vainstream voten.

Rockigen Gruß von No Fuse und bedankt fürs Freunde sein.

Banana Butts
14:37 10.05.

closing time (acoustic trio)
23:25 03.05. danke fürs adden

geile mukke, hot stuff

09:44 21.03. Hallo Black Moses,
Danke für die Freundschaft;-) Sorry, dass wir uns jetzt erst melden, aber im Moment viel zu tun! Euer Name gefällt mir...hat was!
Musikalischer Gruß aus Bruchsal
Tom von 2-PLUGGED

19:47 18.02. hi jungs

wir sagen DANKE fürs freund sein. würde uns freuen wenn ihr mal bei uns rein hören würdet.

schöne grüße aus tirol

10:37 19.01. Moin!
Ein glamouröses Wochenende wünschen wir! Wir haben gerade 'n paar sehr geile Reviews am Start, also ruhig mal vorbeischauen...
Keep da heelz high!

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